Hi everyone! Since this is the “About” page, I figured I should share some info about me and my fiance. First off, my name is Ashley and his is Matthew. We are getting married in November of this year (2013) and cannot wait. I have pretty much been overweight my entire life because of my lifestyle. Matthew wasn’t really overweight until a few years ago and it is really bothering him. Even though we are different him and I have a lot of the insecurities about our weight, which it the reason for our journey together! Plus, its super duper important to support each other anyways! He and I love to have fun and watch movies, do some, and when I say some I really mean a few, outdoor things, and we love to spend time with family. He works full time just like I do, however I also go to school full time, granted it is online, but in my experience it takes more time for an online class than for a traditional class……and I was a traditional history student so that is saying something! I am an avid lover of history and love to share my knowledge with anyone who will listen :-). Matthew’s interests are pretty much video games and woodworking so at least one thing can help in our journey to be healthy, KINECT and WII games!

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy following our journey and I would love to answer any questions or just be supportive if you are struggling with your healthy journey!


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