Hello everyone! First things first….weekly goals for last week, they didn’t do very well. I don’t think I actually completed any of them. It is however a new Monday and I am ready to try again. You can’t get anywhere without trying! So same goals as last week: no fast food, workout 4-5 days and more water!!! Also since it is a new week and the soon to be hubby is working tonight, I have made a meal plan while I am working on this wonderful President’s Day and have made my grocery list! I have found in the past that sticking to a low carb/high fat (mostly) diet has worked wonders for me and it keeps my biggest enemy from getting me: HUNGER!!! I am never hungry if I plan my meals correctly which for the plan I follow is the simplest thing in the world! Protein and veggies every meal (3) and for snacks (2). I know that most people or at least most of the ones that I know, say to use low fat or fat free products, but to me that means they put more bad stuff in it to get the fat out and I don’t think that is a good thing to be putting into your body, so with this plan I eat all the fat I want….well mostly! The key is the veggies! You can eat all the veggies you want. It does say to limit yourself to 2 servings of dairy, like milk or yogurt….cheese doesn’t count which is awesome! I love cheese! You also should limit fruit to 2 servings a day because of the sugar, the goal here is to only have carbs that are found in the veggies!

On to the workout part! I did one round of the program my honey got and it about killed me so I am thinking that starting with something a little less intense would be much, much better. I did one round and have been in so much pain, not sore, but pain that I haven’t been able to do a second round yet. So I have used the power of pinterest to get some basic body weight workouts and have been using my fitzip to make sure I log enough steps…that also needs some work as I never actually realized how much I sit in stead of move around during the day, especially at work.

I also want to start posting the yummy receipes I use this week. Like I said these are not going to be low fat, diet receipes because that is not how my diet plan works. They are going to be the main courses of my dinners mostly. I have considered posting my whole diet plan but I don’t want to take the time if no one is interested. Dinners are made of meat, meat and more meat so this is not something for vegetarians or vegans either. This is simply what I am doing and if someone wants to follow along they are more than welcome to!

Happy Living Everyone!