Good Morning everybody! How was your weekend?? Mine was pretty good! I did lots of chores around the house since during the week I get nothing done. I am a little under the weather and so I didn’t workout with the fiance yesterday. I did however get a fitbit zip and it is pretty awesome! Its keeping track of my steps and lets me know how many calories I am burning based on my body weight and the activity it tracks! Its pretty cool! I plan on getting up out of my office chair once or twice an hour because the tracker gives me the goal of 10,000 steps per day and after wearing it Friday, Saturday and Sunday I realize that I don’t walk nearly enough! So I have added that to my list of goals for the week! The little bugger syncs to my computer and I can track my weight, food and activities all on there in one little place 🙂 I am in love lol.

Unfortunately Matt is working nights tonight so I will have to workout alone, but it still has to be done! I don’t like it when he works nights, its not something that I am used to and so it throws my routine off balance lol. My other goal for tonight is to create my meal plan for tomorrow through Sunday, which I will post for you guys and then any pics I take of the new recipes I am going to try. I know its boring but then I have homework to do and possibly some wedding details to work on!! I need a vacation!!!

I do want to say that stress can be your very worse enemy, especially if you are a stress eater like myself. That was my problem yesterday, I had a migraine from getting all worked up so then I ate bad food and felt like crap. Don’t let the stress get to you. I am going to try not to. I decided yesterday to take a nice relaxing bath, which currently in the house we rent is not much fun, small tub, no where to put my head back, not good, but regardless I did and then listened to a guided meditation tape and I felt better. I still had my headache but I wasn’t as antsy and stressed. We all have so many excuses not to put ourselves first and take care of ourselves but in order to feel better and get healthy it is something that just has to be done. I encourage everyone to take 30 minutes every couple of days and just do something for yourself. I love to paint my toe nails, I hate toe nails so I like to make them pretty, so I use it to focus on something unimportant and to relax. Something as simple as that can make you feel better about things! So in the words of Nike, JUST DO IT!