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I finally got in my little fitness helper yesterday and today I got it all set up! It tracks foot steps, burned based on your stats that are synced with it on the computer, sleeping patterns, online you can track food and actual activities if you want. Needless to say I am super excited! The soon-to-be hubby and I are going to try out our new fitness program tonight and I am sure it is going to be painful! But if its too bad, then we can always Zumba on alternate days (I haven’t got him totally convinced that its manly to actually do Zumba yet, but I am working on it :)).

Diet wise, I have been doing something pretty unconventional, at least it is to me. I have been listening to self-hypnosis tapes when I go to bed. I know it sounds crazy but I feel like I have been eating less and in the past week I am actually down 7 lbs. Now to be fair I was sick when I started doing this, so I am not sure that I just didn’t have an appetite but since I am still losing, who knows maybe it is helping. I have by no means been eating healthy, and regardless if it is from the tapes or not, they are still helpful in putting me to sleep and getting a good night’s sleep is just as important in a weight loss journey as eating well and exercising! So I will continue to listen to them. I am going to add our workout to our plan starting today but I think I will hold off on changing the diet just yet to see what the combination of working out and self hypnosis does to me! Then next week I will kick in the healthy foods and new diet. I hate to restrict anything because I simply cannot keep the right level of discipline to not scarf whatever I have been keeping from myself, so with that in mind I think I am going to continue to eat normally with extra (and by that I mean A LOT MORE) veggies and fruits and more whole grains. I think that combined with watching my portions will help me lost the weight and still let me have a treat without blowing everything. Its just like my own version of Weight Watchers!

I am a firm believer that there is no one thing that works for everyone, so knowing my limits and what my weaknesses are will help me to stick to a plan!

I plan on setting goals each week, 3-4 of them and then reporting on the success of them at the end of the week. So for this week I have 4 goals.
3. START OUR WORKOUT PLAN AND DO AT LEAST 4 DAYS…..We are amazingly out of shape so this will be the toughy.

There we go! So next Friday I will report on how well I did!