Don’t Let Stress Be Your Downfall


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Hi everybody! So I have to admit that I have had a bad few days. I am struggling with some stuff and it is making for a horrible amount of stress on me. Its getting better because I am learning to share with my fiance what is going on and he is always able to make me feel better. I have a little history lesson about myself today. I have always been raised to be independent and to rely on only myself. This was in part from how my mother raised me and in part because of my parents divorce at an early age, but not so early I don’t remember thinking that my little sister was mine to take care of. Now don’t get me wrong I have the most amazing mother and the best step-father a girl could ask for but we went through some rough stuff which I don’t think my sister remembers nearly as much as I do. I remember staying at home by myself when I was 8 or 9 for a few hours after school and always waiting for my sister and making sure she was ok before I ever did anything for myself. Once we got old that of course changed and we went through our “I hate you phase” as we are only 2 years apart. But the world that this created made me independent and I really don’t trust anyone to do stuff but myself. When I met Matthew, that all changed. I rely on him so much more than anyone else. I am close to my mom, but not like I am to Matt, but I still keep things from him, like my side of our finances. We both have our own checking accounts so we still pay our own halves but its not like we don’t share if we need too, but I tend to not tell him if I am the one that needs help because of my history. So long story short all of this creates a whole bunch of stress that I keep to myself and it makes me crabby and emotional and it sucks. My hair falls out, my face breaks out and I am just a mess. I know that I need to tell him whats going on but I just hate to, I hate to feel like I can’t do it all by myself and I hate even more to ask for money from anyone, but especially him since he can hold up his side of things. I know that this is a flaw I have created in our relationship. When it comes to money its mine and its his, its not ours. I don’t feel like he should have to pay for my credit cards tho when he doesn’t have anything to do with them or the money I put on them. So I don’t tell him that I can’t make the ends meet.

I am hating my life right now because of all this. I have told him some about it but he doesn’t know how bad it is and let me tell you that trying to eat well and even buying healthy food is horrible while dealing with this. I know I am whining today and I am sorry for it but I just haven’t been doing anything to further my weight loss and I thought that someone could learn from my mistakes. Everyone just needs to share, especially with a partner tha is committed to them and wants nothing more than to help.


Suckers and Potato Soup


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Morning everyone! Its finally Thursday which means one more workday and it will be the weekend! I have news! I have joined Weight Watchers! My momma, who is overweight as well, wanted a buddy to join with her so Matthew and I decided that the 3 of us would be each others support team for WW. I have had experience with them before and I love their community! They are all so willing to talk to you and to help with any stumbles or rough spots! A support team is key and it can be made of virtual friends or ones just around the corner from you :-). So today was my first day tracking with them, and I will admit that in the past I have been horrible about tracking things that would make my points way over. I’m not sure why I would do that, but the only person I am lying to is myself in that case and no matter how many things I don’t track, my non-weight loss still shows. So I am set on track every damn bite, good or bad, that goes in my mouth. I have started out pretty good. I had packed my breakfast and lunch for work today. I am here for 9 hours a day so I have to have both and some healthy snacks to make it through the day without starving and then over eating for dinner.

As far as workout are concerned, I can move without being in pain and in an effort to keep moving, Matthew and I are going to take the dogs on a walk tonight and possibly play a dancing video game so at least its fun and not painful at the time lol. I am getting nervous because I have scheduled my first wedding dress appointments and my biggest fear is that I won’t find something I like because of my weight. I cannot imagine the horrible feelings I will have if that happens. Of course all of this is causing gigantic amounts of stress and I am trying my hardest not to give in to my stress eating habits and throw myself completely off course which would only make trying on dresses worse…..what a horrible cycle!

On another note I am a sucker for potato soup and I made a huge big bunch of it last night. I don’t make it with half and half or some other nonsense either….I make it with heavy cream and cheese, bacon and sour cream… not exactly an awesomely healthy or even remotely healthy meal…and I don’t add veggies to mine either….So anyways, we had it for dinner last night since it is absolutely freezing here in Ohio, our only saving grace is there isn’t much snow. While this soup is completely not good for us, I also brought some for lunch today. I entered it into my tracker and I only have 1 cup of it and it didn’t even send me over my points for today which was a miracle. I do have a moral to this story! PORTION CONTROL!!! This is a key part of WW and seriously, it works! Eat what you want just don’t eat more than a REAL serving, not and AMERICAN SERVING. And you know what I am talking about, you go to resturant and the bring you your food and its enough for like 3 people and yet we sit down and eat all of it, plus the salad, which isn’t good either because of all the dressing and add-ons, and the appetizers that are normally fried! Seriously, how do we as Americans not know why we are overweight? Anyways, just eat half or in some cases a quarter of what they bring you at a resturant. Use a vinegrette for your salad, or get regular dressing on the side and use only half of what they bring you. Skip the app too. You don’t need it and you know it! If you are like me, you take the food home and then a week later throw it away anyways. As Americans, we are taught as kids to clean our plates because there are people starving. Well send food to the food pantry if it makes you feel better but QUIT EATING when you are FULL whether your plate is clean or not! Its as simple as that! Drink water between bites, trust me this helps. Most people don’t drink enough water anyways so just do it! Things like parking farther away, at a resturant or otherwise can make a huge difference as well. You don’t have to have a huge, intense workout to burn calories. Save those kinds for when you become a professional athlete and can eat like one because your metabolism burns so many calories. For us normal people just moving more would benefit us tremendously! Like walking, its not some hour long, kill yourself workout, but it helps your posture and gets your heart rate up even if it doesn’t feel like its gonna bust out of your chest. Plus, you can hold your honey’s hand while doing it 🙂 lol. Sorry for the mushiness haha! For me and Matthew, it gives us a chance to let our puppies exercise too and as little dogs, they have to stay at a healthy weight because being overweight is extremely hard on their little bodies!

So after all this ranting and raving, the point is you can do sooooo many little things that will help more than the big things in your journey to lose weight. Focus on the journey not the results. That is something even I have to remember daily. Thinking about the results can discourage you because you don’t believe it is here fast enough. Its gonna take time and thinking that you are going to slow can completely derail you and you give up! You don’t want that! I don’t want that! I want to make this a complete life change, not just something that gets me to a healthy weight just so I can gain it back. I want to be healthy with my future husband and I want us to raise healthy children so they don’t ever have to struggle like Matt and I are.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thursday!!!

Oh Monday…..

Hello everyone! First things first….weekly goals for last week, they didn’t do very well. I don’t think I actually completed any of them. It is however a new Monday and I am ready to try again. You can’t get anywhere without trying! So same goals as last week: no fast food, workout 4-5 days and more water!!! Also since it is a new week and the soon to be hubby is working tonight, I have made a meal plan while I am working on this wonderful President’s Day and have made my grocery list! I have found in the past that sticking to a low carb/high fat (mostly) diet has worked wonders for me and it keeps my biggest enemy from getting me: HUNGER!!! I am never hungry if I plan my meals correctly which for the plan I follow is the simplest thing in the world! Protein and veggies every meal (3) and for snacks (2). I know that most people or at least most of the ones that I know, say to use low fat or fat free products, but to me that means they put more bad stuff in it to get the fat out and I don’t think that is a good thing to be putting into your body, so with this plan I eat all the fat I want….well mostly! The key is the veggies! You can eat all the veggies you want. It does say to limit yourself to 2 servings of dairy, like milk or yogurt….cheese doesn’t count which is awesome! I love cheese! You also should limit fruit to 2 servings a day because of the sugar, the goal here is to only have carbs that are found in the veggies!

On to the workout part! I did one round of the program my honey got and it about killed me so I am thinking that starting with something a little less intense would be much, much better. I did one round and have been in so much pain, not sore, but pain that I haven’t been able to do a second round yet. So I have used the power of pinterest to get some basic body weight workouts and have been using my fitzip to make sure I log enough steps…that also needs some work as I never actually realized how much I sit in stead of move around during the day, especially at work.

I also want to start posting the yummy receipes I use this week. Like I said these are not going to be low fat, diet receipes because that is not how my diet plan works. They are going to be the main courses of my dinners mostly. I have considered posting my whole diet plan but I don’t want to take the time if no one is interested. Dinners are made of meat, meat and more meat so this is not something for vegetarians or vegans either. This is simply what I am doing and if someone wants to follow along they are more than welcome to!

Happy Living Everyone!

A New Week!

Good Morning everybody! How was your weekend?? Mine was pretty good! I did lots of chores around the house since during the week I get nothing done. I am a little under the weather and so I didn’t workout with the fiance yesterday. I did however get a fitbit zip and it is pretty awesome! Its keeping track of my steps and lets me know how many calories I am burning based on my body weight and the activity it tracks! Its pretty cool! I plan on getting up out of my office chair once or twice an hour because the tracker gives me the goal of 10,000 steps per day and after wearing it Friday, Saturday and Sunday I realize that I don’t walk nearly enough! So I have added that to my list of goals for the week! The little bugger syncs to my computer and I can track my weight, food and activities all on there in one little place 🙂 I am in love lol.

Unfortunately Matt is working nights tonight so I will have to workout alone, but it still has to be done! I don’t like it when he works nights, its not something that I am used to and so it throws my routine off balance lol. My other goal for tonight is to create my meal plan for tomorrow through Sunday, which I will post for you guys and then any pics I take of the new recipes I am going to try. I know its boring but then I have homework to do and possibly some wedding details to work on!! I need a vacation!!!

I do want to say that stress can be your very worse enemy, especially if you are a stress eater like myself. That was my problem yesterday, I had a migraine from getting all worked up so then I ate bad food and felt like crap. Don’t let the stress get to you. I am going to try not to. I decided yesterday to take a nice relaxing bath, which currently in the house we rent is not much fun, small tub, no where to put my head back, not good, but regardless I did and then listened to a guided meditation tape and I felt better. I still had my headache but I wasn’t as antsy and stressed. We all have so many excuses not to put ourselves first and take care of ourselves but in order to feel better and get healthy it is something that just has to be done. I encourage everyone to take 30 minutes every couple of days and just do something for yourself. I love to paint my toe nails, I hate toe nails so I like to make them pretty, so I use it to focus on something unimportant and to relax. Something as simple as that can make you feel better about things! So in the words of Nike, JUST DO IT!

Up and at ’em!


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I finally got in my little fitness helper yesterday and today I got it all set up! It tracks foot steps, burned based on your stats that are synced with it on the computer, sleeping patterns, online you can track food and actual activities if you want. Needless to say I am super excited! The soon-to-be hubby and I are going to try out our new fitness program tonight and I am sure it is going to be painful! But if its too bad, then we can always Zumba on alternate days (I haven’t got him totally convinced that its manly to actually do Zumba yet, but I am working on it :)).

Diet wise, I have been doing something pretty unconventional, at least it is to me. I have been listening to self-hypnosis tapes when I go to bed. I know it sounds crazy but I feel like I have been eating less and in the past week I am actually down 7 lbs. Now to be fair I was sick when I started doing this, so I am not sure that I just didn’t have an appetite but since I am still losing, who knows maybe it is helping. I have by no means been eating healthy, and regardless if it is from the tapes or not, they are still helpful in putting me to sleep and getting a good night’s sleep is just as important in a weight loss journey as eating well and exercising! So I will continue to listen to them. I am going to add our workout to our plan starting today but I think I will hold off on changing the diet just yet to see what the combination of working out and self hypnosis does to me! Then next week I will kick in the healthy foods and new diet. I hate to restrict anything because I simply cannot keep the right level of discipline to not scarf whatever I have been keeping from myself, so with that in mind I think I am going to continue to eat normally with extra (and by that I mean A LOT MORE) veggies and fruits and more whole grains. I think that combined with watching my portions will help me lost the weight and still let me have a treat without blowing everything. Its just like my own version of Weight Watchers!

I am a firm believer that there is no one thing that works for everyone, so knowing my limits and what my weaknesses are will help me to stick to a plan!

I plan on setting goals each week, 3-4 of them and then reporting on the success of them at the end of the week. So for this week I have 4 goals.
3. START OUR WORKOUT PLAN AND DO AT LEAST 4 DAYS…..We are amazingly out of shape so this will be the toughy.

There we go! So next Friday I will report on how well I did!

Day 1!


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I am happy to be here and I hope that you are too! Im gonna give you just a little background for now and hopefully as we move along in this journey we can learn about each other 🙂

First of all, my fiance are goofballs and LOVE food, which is not the most conducive thing to losing weight, and let me tell you there is a lot of it to lose between the two of us (a little more on my side than his, but whatever). The point is that we both feel tired and rundown most of the time and really don’t feel like doing much. We lack motivation and we lack the tools to do what it takes to get to the weight goals we want. So more than anything this blog is going to be about our lives full of healthier food, funny stories and the things we do together to move along our weight loss journey towards our goals! I am excited to be sharing our story and hope that in reading it, people will be encouraged to start their own journey’s in weight loss or simply becoming the person you want to be.

I welcome all ideas for anything really and I encourage anyone and everyone to interact with me and with each other on here. I know this is a new blog and it might take some time for us to create a community but I am willing to stick it out and grow my own little online world or supportive and caring people!

My fiance, Matthew and I have 10 months until we get married so we are planning and working and I am a full time student so getting support for when we (mostly I) am stressed and just completely tired of life is a big key to my success and I know (or at least I think I know) that a lot of people not only have their weight loss goals derailed by things like stress eating and stress in general, but it can derail happiness as well. Those are the things I struggle the most with, Matthew just loves to eat, so I figure if I can get to a point where I am more relaxed and don’t let things get to me as much I can focus on making healthier meals and a healthier family.

I sincerely hope that I can help others with this blog and I really, really look forward to forming my own online family!